Well Drawn Brewing is back and online

After a brief Covid hiatus the boys are back in the brewery blasting out our classic range of real ales.

Our 2nd Breakfast IPA and oGold Pale are first in the fermenter, and we can't wait to see them in your favourite real ale pub, and available for delivery, towards the end of the month.

We've taken advantage of the covid break to bring onboard new investors, hire more staff, and get our online store up and running so we can get you more of your favourite beers, even if lockdown means we have to drink them at home.

We've got a new pilot kit on the way to help us hone our new range of small production experimental beers that will be coming in the new year - make sure you register for our newsletter below so we can keep you updated as they arrive.

Arriving at the brewery today, we felt a strong sense of anticipation, keen to get going again.

Photo of darkness inside the brewery