Outside Bars & Festivals

If you need beer served at your home, office, party or festival we have a setup that suits most needs. We can cater for up to 30 casks and/or up to 20 keg lines, and can provide all the equipment, training and beer to keep things easy. 

 Cask Keg
  • Naturally carbonated
  • Predominantly classic & modern 'real ales'
  • It should be stored at around 12 degrees. In small setups ice packs can be used to keep it cool.
  • It needs to be put in position and prepared 24-36 hours ahead of time
  • It needs more preparation, but we can help you with this and is done ahead of drinking (when everyone is sober!)
  • Comes in 40L or 20L sizes, kegs
  • Is easy to dispense
  • More carbonated
  • Used for 'craft' ales, lagers & ciders
  • It's served at approx 4 degrees which means you need both a chilling unit
  • It (usually) requires carbonation which means you need a co2 supply
  • For short periods beer can be stored at nearly any temperature
  • Comes in 30L or 50L options
  • There's quite a bit that can go wrong, especially if people have already had a few beers

Example small cask setup

  • 1-6 Casks
  • Cask rack to hold them in position
  • Skill required : low

Example small keg setup

  • 1-2 keg lines
  • Requires CO2
  • Flash cooler
  • Skill required : medium